Sugarcane Bowl

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Completely tree free, our new Sugarcane Bowls are produced using reclaimed bagasse (pulp), an unwanted by-product from the sugar industry. As bagasse is already ‘broken down’ (or fibrous), it requires less energy during the manufacturing process than the pulping needs of paper, and is 100% certified compostable under Australian regulations.

Handling heat as well as liquids, our Sugarcane Bowls are perfect for any food – from noodles, to curries, and even soups. Wholly versatile, they are freezer, microwave, and refrigerator safe, as well as ovenproof for up to 20 minutes at 220.

A wide rim design ensures servings appear bigger and fuller, so your dishes can always look their best! While available in white, we also offer unbleached Sugarcane Bowls with a beautiful earth finish and rustic feel.

Also available in 24oz,32oz and 40oz sizes with matching Universal 100% Recyclable PET lids.

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