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Using compostable packaging is only half of the solution

While compostables are made from environmentally friendly materials and sourced ethically and sustainably, they still need to be disposed of properly for the full benefits to be realized. Making sure your customers food waste and compostable packaging ends up at a composting facility closes the loop and makes sure that you’re harnessing the full potential of compostable packaging!

Below are a list of composters that are partnered with Greenmark to take our compostable packaging along with organic waste;

 – Phoenix Power – Yatala, QLD
    07 3807 5699
    126 Sandy Creek Rd Yatala, 420

 – EarthPower – Camellia, NSW
   Erin Reid; (02) 9684 5832
   35 Grand Avenue, Camellia, NSW 2142

 – Remondis Organics Recovery Centre, Lake Macquarie, NSW
   Scott Smith, 02 4921 7635
   413 Wilton Rd, Awaba NSW 2283

Not In Your Area?

If you aren’t close to the above facilities, AORA also have this fantastic resource for finding composters in your area.

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