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The Greenmark Story.

Completing nature's cycle with compostables.

Greenmark was built on the foundation of embracing nature’s most natural cycle – supplying the foodservice industry with compostable food packaging. As the bridge that connects sustainability to the community, we’re committed to providing our sustainable packaging alternatives as a viable solution to reduce plastic waste. We pride in offering products made from natural materials to allow for organic disposal, journeying their cycle sustainably from the beginning to end. By using sugarcane bagasse, bamboo, paper, wood, areca palm leaves and cornstarch-based material, we can ensure that all our products can be either home or industrially composted 

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Our belief in achieving sustainability through maintaining cycles is reflected on how we serve our customers. We focus on businesses both big and small, as every customer has an influence in building a sustainable future. Our extensive range of compostable packaging products are made to be tailored to all unique foodservice needs, from local corner cafés to retail giants. Our role doesn’t simply stop as a supplier. We continue as a facilitator to help sustainably process our products post-consumption. Our collaborations with non-profit organisations, councils and waste facilities strengthen our support to our customers, from the beginning to end. 

At Greenmark, we are actively passionate in helping ease the transition to sustainable packaging in every aspect of the process – completing the cycle with compostables!

What We Do

Supporting our local communities is at the heart of what we do here at Greenmark. We’re passionate about working with professionals across industry sectors to share resources on compostables and composting solutions. We also love being a part of the plastic-free journey, supporting locals in their transition towards sustainability.

Check out our community projects below!

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