New Aqueous coated Coffee cups are a promising future

It is no wonder that we are all in a grave situation right now, the deterioration of Earth due to the rapidly changing climate, which shows no signs of stopping. As the citizens of this planet, we are not doing enough. In the wake of the current circumstances, it becomes necessary for us to shift towards eco friendly and sustainable alternatives.

Coffee cups, yes, you read that right, even coffee cups (their materials, compositions, etc) play an important role in this process. Since we are all becoming more aware of plastics and its environmental impacts, and global legalization is also following suit, new alternatives are needed by the industry. Given this issue, the new Aqueous coated coffee cups provide a solution with a promising future and we should all be for it.

What is wrong with the coffee cups we use daily?

The consumption of out-of-home (OOH) coffee beverages is continually raising. It is estimated that single-use OOH coffee cups market size will go from 118 billion units per year to 294 by 2025. In Australia alone 2.7 million OOH paper-based coffee cups are used per day. Here is where our seemingly harmless consumption of coffee, coupled with the given facts, becomes concerning.

Coffee cups’ final place of disposition is usually landfill sites. Here, they do not biodegrade. Cups have polyethylene (PE) and cellulosic fiber. On average, it only takes around 13 minutes for such paper cups to be disposed off, and research has estimated less than 1% of these coffee cups are recycled around the world. Anyone who is even remotely concerned about our planet and its future will find this alarming. The current coffee cup packaging is not sustainable and easily biodegradable. This calls for a change: a change which allows consumerism in an ecofriendly way. And certainly, aqueous coated coffee cup seems to be the answer. With the problems highlighted for standard coffee cups, many segments in the industry have adopted this new alternative.

Aqueous coated Coffee cup as the solution

How are they the game changer? Well these cups are made using a specific water-based barrier coating solution. This means that the material of the aqueous coated coffee cups is unlike the normal disposable cups, which are lined with Polyethene (PE). Which essentially is plastic!

The most important breakthrough with aqueous coated cups is that these are certified industrially compostable and recyclable. The new solution has all the attention right now and a lot of investment is flowing in this venture. Especially because continual significant research and development is being done to optimize this product to be fully plastic free.

Bamboo Coffee cups

The future of aqueous coated coffee cups in business

We have already mentioned how a lot of research and development has happened and continues to happen in this field to make this new product as efficient and useful as possible.

Leading firms in these sectors, such as McDonald’s and Starbucks have also started to show inclination in the adoption of these choice for cups. Challenges such as the NextGen Cup Challenge are helping to find that best, game-changing innovation to the problem of paper cups. Aqueous coated coffee cups are the front runners in the search for a new technology, thus the future of aqueous coated coffee cups in these giant businesses has also started to build.

From all over the world firms are facing pressure from consumers to improve their sustainability practices and reduce degradation of the environment. These new cups are picking up traction and it seems they are the future. They are being readily available and sold at reasonable prices. Research shows that such alternatives will only continue to rise.

With the current situation of climate change, the increasing awareness, pressure, and conscious decisions by the general public means that widespread adoption of aqueous coated cups is only a matter of time.

Bamboo a sustainable alternative

The only way to put a stop to this never-ending plastic crises is to switch from using plastic-based to bamboo-based ones. Molded bamboo has been proven to be a sustainable alternative for plastic utensils and tableware. Just like our aqueous coated coffee cups. That are not only economical but ecofriendly too. It is so because bamboo decomposes at a much faster than its non-bamboo-based counterparts.

Bamboo coated coffee cups


It is our responsibility to ensure such new innovations and solutions are not left unnoticed, but they are funded, and collective effort is needed to quickly make them convenient enough for large scale commercial adaptation.

Aqueous coated coffee cups have the potential to be the new permanent solution. The technology of it is certainly going towards this goal. It is only a matter of time before we come to eco-friendly solutions for all our needs, till then as consumers we should make conscious and better decisions.

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