ACT Single Use Plastic Ban to Start Effect from 1st July 2021.

The ACT community is progressive, environmentally conscious and set to cut the first tranche of products to be banned from 1St July
2021 including Plastic cutlery, Plastic stirrers and
expanded polystyrene containers.

ACT consulted community via Phasing out single use plastic discussion paper  between April and July 2019, at end of
consultation period they collected 
3,300 interactions including survey, responses, submissions, your say comments and attendance at several community and business information session. There was a high-level support to phase out single use plastic
products in ACT.

Why problem with the Single Use Plastic.

Plastics are made from renewable resources more than 99% of plastics are made from chemicals and derived oil,
natural gas, and coal, that once diminished, cannot be replaced.
Many of the single-use plastic products used are difficult to recycle, and as a result, these products end up in landfills or the natural environment.

Which Single Use Plastic?

There was diverse view among the community about which single use plastic are important to address and with community support and readily available alternatives the products were phases out over the time.

Reference: https://s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/hdp.au.prod.app.act-yoursay.files/2415/7199/4497/Engagement_Report.pdf

The Phase out Approach

First Tranche Phase out 1st July 2021:

Single use Plastic Cutlery

Single use Plastic Stirrers

Single use expanded polystyrene takeaway food containers (polystyrene containers) (e.g., ‘clam shell’ containers)

    These products alternatives are readily available. Check out the alternatives before they run out of the stock.

The alternative material to plastic is bamboo, paper, wheat, sugarcane, cardboard, and wood. Our range of cutlery and food containers  are sustainable, Eco-friendly and Compostable- doesn’t cost to earth.

Phase out After 12 Months 1st July 2022    

Single-use plastic fruit and vegetable barrier bags

Single use Plastic Straws and

All products made from degradable plastic.

This will ensure business to have sometime to research the best alternatives suites their business.

Long Term Consideration 2023 on wards

Plastic Lined Single Use coffee cups and Lids

Single Use Plastic Dinnerware (e.g., Plates, Cups, and Bowls)

Other Single Use Plastic products including boutique/ heavyweight plastic bags greater than 35 microns thick.

Cotton ear buds (with plastic sticks)

                  We can work together to protect the environment.


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