The Beginning of the End for Single Use Plastics

Today we’re proud to announce our partnership with Plastic Free Noosa, providing sustainable...

Surrounded by water and with the vast majority of our population living along the coast, the chances of single use plastics reaching Australia’s oceans are high.

Today we’re proud to announce our supplier partnership with Plastic Free Noosa, providing sustainable and compostable packaging alternatives to tackle the issue of single use plastics in our community.

With humble beginnings as a pilot program, over the past two and a half years Plastic Free Noosa has blossomed into one of the largest community plastic free movements Australia has ever seen. Started by Boomerang Alliance through their Plastic Free Places program, the whole community of Noosa has risen to the challenge, providing an amazing example for all of Australia on what’s possible when we stand together.

Working closely with suppliers, Plastic Free Noosa provides assistance to businesses, answering any questions, tips on how to implement changes, as well as finding the right supplier. They also hold community events, educating young people on the importance of recycling and its impact on the broader community.

Calling the program a ‘shining light’, the State Environment Minister Leanne Enoch announced earlier this year in February that an additional $100,000 will be pledged towards Boomerang Alliance for their ‘plastic free places’ program, hinting at an expansion of the program to other communities throughout Aus.

plastic free noosa and boomerang alliance logos

Currently there are three other plastic free places set up (Wollongong, Byron and WA), and judging by the impact of Plastic Free Noosa we couldn’t be more excited to see more communities adopt the program. Plastic Free Noosa has seen the removal of a whopping 2.25 million pieces of plastic from circulation in just over two years which is seriously amazing, not to mention getting the commitment of over 150 local businesses to go plastic free.

We’re proud to stand with Plastic Free Noosa, offering our support and wide range of compostable and eco-friendly products to all businesses that are willing to make a sustainable switch!


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